Madeira Island, Portugal

There is so much I could share about our time in Portugal. As a child, I knew deep down that once I visited Italy and a few other countries, I would fall in love with them, and I was right. But Portugal…it was never really on my radar. I can’t explain why. When I found out that our European Travel Forum conference was being held on the Island of Madeira, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. Why not Italy, France, or Switzerland…the Netherlands, Spain? I’ve never been so thankful to have been wrong.

Portugal – Lisbon, Porto, the Douro Valley, and the Island of Madeira – they are all so special for very different reasons. It caught me by surprise, how much I loved it all. I can picture returning with our kids, spending more than just a few weeks exploring and living there. Portugal is definitely on my list of places I would highly recommend! Obrigada, Portugal!

Today I wanted to share a little photoblog of our time on the beautiful Island of Madeira. First up, a day trip around the Island of Madeira. It’s gorgeous! The views were outstanding, and we enjoyed stopping throughout the day to do a little light hiking, exploring, and photographing.

All around the island, there were beautiful spots to pull off and just take it all in. There were no crowds or long lines, just people enjoying nature right along with us.

I loved some of the stone walls and bridges we stumbled upon, as well as the steps and arches along the way.

And the cliffside views were breathtaking. Take a look at that coastline!

And just a few more.

Next post – more on the Island itself. Stay tuned.

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