Douro Valley and the Six Senses

From excellent Port Wine Tasting to scenic panoramic rolling hills, the Douro Valley is a very special place to visit. Just look at these vistas!

That said, the highlight for us was our visit to the Six Senses Douro Valley. It was by far one of the loveliest stays we have ever experienced. From the very moment we stepped into the Six Senses until the time we were “forced” to leave, we felt welcomed and relaxed. We did not want to leave. Had we not had a conference to attend on Madeira Island, we would have been tempted to extend our stay! Please see some of the photos below, none of which really do this resort any justice.

First up, our welcome tray. This was served to us in the lobby while we checked in. It was a perfect little treat after having been in a car for a few hours. When our room was ready, we were taken to this lovely very comfortable king bedroom. We were really excited to have the floor to ceiling glass doors and windows.

Attached to these glass doors was a private patio with some pretty amazing views! It was so quiet and peaceful, we had to stop what we were doing and just sit and enjoy for a while.

After settling into our room and unpacking, we decided to explore a little. This resort is so beautiful. There were so many cozy places to relax and hide in.

This little nook above was right at the end of our floor! I had to return to snap a quick pic later this evening. So cute and cozy too. I felt like a child, swinging my feet while enjoying the views.

While the resort’s occupancy was rather high, we always felt like we were almost alone. I don’t understand where everyone was. Maybe on their patios or in the Spa? This room was a wonderful gathering place, lined with bottles of wine on one wall, large windows on the other wall.

The interior design was remarkable. I especially appreciated the thoughtfulness that obviously went into even the smallest of details in all areas like the library, the restaurants, and even in the powder room!

One of my favorite and yet super simple experiences was sitting down for “Tea and Cake” by the roaring wood burning fireplace. Every afternoon, the staff made a unique cake of the day, and served it with a varied collection of teas. Delicious!

And look at this area! This gorgeous wooden table often hosts wine tasting evening.

In the “off” times however, you can still sample different wines on your own. It’s like a vending machine with wine, but so much more elevated. I’ve never seen that before.

The restaurants at the Six Senses are some of the best we’ve ever had the privilege of dining in. I have way too many photos to share of the dining at this resort, but I at least had to mention it and include a few. First is breakfast and also the “Open Kitchen” concept, where you can watch the Chefs hard at work.

And then there was dinner! I’m not sure which was better – the savory flavors or the exquisite plating.

One of the highlights and most common reasons people journey to the Six Senses is their exceptional Wellness and Spa facilities. It’s not often that we travel for just a resort alone. We tend to love exploring a destination in depth. That said, the Six Senses Douro Vally is one of the few exceptions. Once I learned about this resort, I knew I had to come. I was nervous that my expectations were too high, but there was not one thing about our whole experience that disappointed. How often can you say that?

Above is the room we booked for our couple’s massage. Look at that view! It was breathtaking. The therapists asked if we preferred the dark and wanted to close the shades, but we objected. The view was just too beautiful and very private.

After our massage, we were escorted to two cozy, comfortable, private seats overlooking the Spa Pool area, and one of the therapists set two trays down beside, one beside each of us. It was like they were prolonging our Spa Experience.

They encouraged us to sit and relax in our robes for as long as we liked, which we did, while sipping on some healthy tea, dark chocolate, fruit, and nuts.

Next, we headed to the alluring pool, saunas, and whirlpool area. We had it all to ourselves for the next few hours, with the exception of one or two other couples popping in and out. We started in the Sauna area. It was so unique compared to other spas we have visited. Their Vitality Suite had a number of different Sauna options like an infrared sauna, a steam room, an oil infused scented herbal sauna, and several more. Each one was private so you could share it with your spouse or partner alone. It was amazing. The pool had an extraordinary water circuit with warm water, ice cold water, and even a Jacuzzi. It was incredible. After enjoying all of this, we ended up by the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the spectacular grounds, and for the first time in ages, actually fully relaxing. It is a memory I will never forget!

In the warmer months, you can also enjoy the outdoor pool, and there are so many different options for activities, you wouldn’t believe it. One day, I’d love to return and try all of them, thought I might need to stay a month to make that possible.

And of course, in one of the bar areas, there is this very pretty pool table. It’s a fun way to end a very relaxing day at the Six Senses! And when the weather is nice, you can venture outside for yet more stunning views, especially during sunset. The outdoor areas here are just fantastic, with fires burning throughout the property at night. Being surrounded by vineyards, the property is especially serene at night time. The warmth of the fire and its light flickering softly on your face, mesmerizes you as you gaze out over the lush valley, bathed in colors of the setting sun. These evenings have been etched into my memory forever.

As I said earlier, the Six Senses is a truly special place!

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