End Abductions Now – An Update!

You may remember I wrote a post almost two full years ago about our friend, Eric.  We met him in Mexico while we were living there for four months, studying Spanish, and working alongside a local church.  Here is my previous blog post:  End Abductions Now!  My Story.  Though his home is in Michigan, he has been living in Playa del Carmen off and on since January, 2013, when his wife abducted his two sweet babies while on vacation.

We had the opportunity to see Eric once more when we returned to Cancun/Playa del Carmen last month.  Over dinner, he began to update us on all that had transpired over the past few months.

It felt heartbreaking to me, this prolonged, painful separation.  And it only seemed to be getting worse.  At this point, his wife and her parents, who had been losing their cases in court, had disappeared and taken the children out of Playa.  He could not locate them, though he felt like he was getting close.

My heart felt discouraged for Eric as I was made aware of all the details and unexpected trials along the way, and yet it was amazing to see how much the adversity had tested and transformed Eric in the time we had been apart.  His faith was strong and his hope unshakeable!  There wasn’t anxiety and fear, only trust in the Lord.  Even while the struggle became increasingly challenging, his faith and hope multiplied.

Below is Eric’s beautiful update.  Please continue to pray for him, not only for his relationship with his boys, but also for his wife and her family.  His heart longs to see full restoration and healing.  Thanks for taking the time to read this!



My sons are now back home in Frankfort, Michigan in the USA. I praise God for their return to the USA and I am so very thankful for the prayers and support from so many people around the world! In particular, I thank my parents and family members including Elizabeth Haan Davis, Renee Haan Tilley, Rick Haan, Rachel Neff,Lonnie Haan and Mariah Haan for great support throughout this ordeal, including considerable financial support for legal costs that are now over $100K.

I deeply appreciate and am incredibly thankful for Pastor Chuck and Susan Towersey, Pastor Dennis Teeters and Susie Teeters, and Pastor Dan Miller and Patricia Miller for all of their support, prayers, and encouragement. They all went well beyond normal pastoral duties to help me. I am also deeply appreciative of all of the prayers and support from the church bodies of Fresh Wind Christian Community (northern Michigan), Lighthouse Church (in Mexico), and Blue Roof Church (Saint Joseph, Michigan).

I thank my incredible lawyers of Carlos Alvarado, Ma Socorro Sánchez García, Elizabeth Araujo, Gustavo Calderon, Eduardo Montoya, Victor Isai Ay Nahuat, and Jeanne Hannah for the great work that they’ve done on my case.

I am thankful for wonderful friends in the Playa Del Carmen area that were so incredibly helpful to me in many ways, including Eduardo González, Daniel Delgado, Andrea Llergo, Gustavo Vazquez, Steve Taft, Holly Basso Taft, and Ryan and Deena Gainor.

I am deeply appreciative of incredible support from the iStand Parent Network and fellow parents of abducted children and child advocates including Noelle Hunter, Randall L. Murphy, Scott Berne, Carolyn OBrien, Samina Rahman, Linda Ford, Annie Keller, Chris Brann, and Alissa E Zagaris. I am also greatly appreciative of some wonderful friends in Michigan that provided many prayers, support, and/or assistance with rental properties including Eric Merrow, Alise Merrow, Roger Pedat, Anna Rodriguez-Webber, Shanon Smith, and Claudia Vanbrocklin.

I thank the Supreme Court of Mexico, particularly Chief Justice Jorge Mario Pardo Rebolledo (the lead justice on my case), for overruling lower courts in Playa Del Carmen and Cancun and upholding the rule of law and Mexico’s commitment to honor the Hague Convention regarding International Parental Child Abduction.

I thank INTERPOL Mexico and the Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (Mexico Family Services) office in Playa Del Carmen for their exceptional work and professionalism with my case. I thank the personnel of the U.S. Consulate office in Merida, Mexico for going above and beyond to help me and my sons return to the USA. I also greatly appreciate the help that was provided by Canadian Customers and Immigration personnel in helping us get back home.

The return of my sons to the USA did not happen as I had hoped, but I did what was necessary to end this abduction and return my sons to their home in the USA. The ultimate goal is to heal my marriage and family and continued prayers and support in achieving this goal are appreciated. Thanks again to so very many people for all of the prayers and support!

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