Football, Friends, and Family

Let’s take a moment to step away from Italy.  I promise we’ll return…and up next will be the Colosseum and more about the Gladiators!  I just wanted to share one of the biggest joys of being back in the States again!  For the first time, our oldest son had an opportunity to play football and he loved it.  The truth is, we all loved it.

It was made all the more special, however, when his grandparents (who live 12 hours away in Pennsylvania) surprised him by showing up at the last game of his season…the one which would determine whether or not they made it into the playoffs!  I don’t know how we managed to keep it a surprise from Ryan but I’m guessing it had something to do with not telling any of the other kids.

We loved our RTW journey and will forever hold special the memories we made…but these memories, made right here in the US, are equally as special.  There is something very special about being surrounded by friends and family, supporting and encouraging one another through the hard times as well as the very fun, competitive times.  These were the moments we most missed while journeying thousands of miles away from home.  Thank you, Lord, for the gift of family and friends.

As an aside, the only unfortunate outcome of having friends and family present at one of my son’s football games is that they now know how crazy I can get.  Yes…I am THAT mom!  The one that stands, and cheers, and screams…all unintentionally, of course, but it happens, and now it is no longer a secret.  Oh well.

Enjoy!  And Ryan, congrats on making it to the playoffs!


6 Comments on “Football, Friends, and Family

  1. Loved this one Deena! And I loved seeing how you cheered your son on!!!! I thought it was GREAT and FUN!!!! You reminded me of my mom!!!! She is the same in that! You should see her cheer for the Packers…esp. when she was younger. She was always so much fun!!!! She always made me laugh and just enjoy being apart of it! And I felt so much the same being there at Ryan’s game and just enjoying so much seeing you cheer him on! I was just so excited to be there and to see you guys, Liza’s, etc!

    So I really loved it !!!!! It was great Deena! I wish I would have come to more this year! Maybe next!!!! 🙂 I so enjoyed the time! Next year….if God so allows…I want to be cheering loudly WITH You and cheering Ryan on !!!!!!! I was so into conversation with everyone around me! Love Jodi

    • Thanks for coming to support Ryan, Jodi. We LOVED that all of you guys showed up. The weather was perfect and it was so fun having so many of our dear friends there to meet Ryan’s dad and Mary Kay, and to cheer Ryan on. What a special memory.

  2. Congratulations Ryan Jnr. Just a pity it’s not proper (soccer) football! I may have been more excited then. Still remember Danny’s awesome performance as goalkeeper in our ⚽ match in July
    Blessings to you, Gainors

    • Ha ha, Barry! American football is as REAL as it gets. You may need to spend some time in the States before you understand truth. 🙂

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