Reflections a Four Months

Four months.  We’ve been here in Playa del Carmen for four months and have been surprised by how quickly God has allowed friendships to form.  We’ve moved a lot in our lives.  Each time, we’ve had to say good-bye to dear friends and start the whole relationship-building process again.  We’ve learned over the years to be patient and  give it at least two years before we start feeling those bonds of friendship deepen.

When you make the decision to journey around the world for a year, you hardly have time to wait two years, and yet, your heart longs to connect with others, to share your lives, to come alongside others.  We were not sure at all what that might look like, but one of our heart’s prayers was that God would make ready the path.  We are thankful for answered prayers.

Muy muchas gracias to the many dear people below (and not pictured here yet) who have made our times here very special!  We’ll miss you.

2 Comments on “Reflections a Four Months

  1. AWESOME photos, beloved sister! What an incredible experience to give your children. xoxox

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