Top 10 Next Steps…

Kauai Beaches & Sandals49 DAYS: Top 10 “Next Steps” for this Week

1. Research Travel & Medical Insurance Options
2. Work on getting our Blog up
3. Find accommodations in Papeete and reserve
4. Work on a tentative outline for Australia, and reserve lodging for New Year’s Eve in Sydney, before everything is booked up.
5. Continue to pair down our possessions
6. Touch base with several ministries/organizations we are potentially coming alongside in Playa del Carmen, Chiang Mai, and Phuket, Thailand.
7. Continue searching airline routes and potential itineraries while in Southeast Asia
8. Work with suppliers in Thailand, Vietnam, & Cambodia to set up site inspections and a potential familiarization trip.
9. Research camera equipment for the road.
10. Research backpacks for the family.

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