You Must Be Loaded!

So HOW? How can we afford to do this? (aka “You must be loaded!”) The truth is, no…we are not independently wealthy. Not even close. And this is not a “luxury” year long vacation. So how, then? Well, there are a number of contributing factors. I’ll share our TOP 10 here. 1. We live frugally & have made sacrifices along the way. No cable, no new cars, etc. 2. When we leave, we will have no mortgage or rent to worry about. Only storage costs. 3. We worked hard at becoming debt-free…. Read More

Housing Updates and Lessons Learned

When we chose our Spanish Teacher & School, we also discovered a new friend.  Katya was instrumental in connecting us with one of her wonderful realtor friends.  Through this friend, we were able to find a great beach rental property for a fraction of the cost, given our length of stay. We will be staying at this property for 3 months.  It sits walking distance from the beach and has three bedrooms, a lovely kitchen, and even a community pool. Thankfully it offers Wifi, which we will need, and is close enough to… Read More