Day 141: Saying Adios to Playa

It’s hard to describe what we’re feeling tonight as we pack for our late afternoon flight tomorrow.  It is a mixture of sadness and joy.  Sadness to be leaving dear friends who have welcomed us into their hearts and homes for the past almost five months and joy to be heading toward another church we similarly left ten years ago, when we moved away from CA. Sometimes God allows a church to open their arms, their hearts, and their homes to strangers on a journey…and blesses them richly as they leave not… Read More


We found a church that we really like and are going to go to from now on.  From the very first day, everyone was so friendly; they all came up an introduced themselves.  The Pastor had just started a new series: Parables.  All of us loved the church and felt at home there.  We’ve been going there ever since. About a week after we first came to that church (The Lighthouse Church), they had a VBS which we volunteered to help with.  It lasted from Thursday to Sunday, but we were only… Read More

Day 36: Relational Plates Too Full To Care?

We are thankful for new friends here in Playa.  They have warmly embraced us as family and that always means so much but even more so now because we are temporarily wandering as Nomads for the next year.  To feel connected to others in a ‘strange land’ is truly a gift. The very first evening we arrived at the Lighthouse Church, we were greeted by almost every single member – hugged, kissed, embraced.  At the end of the evening, our new friends refused to let us take a taxi back home.  Instead, Eduardo González (aka… Read More

Day 18: Reflections Two Weeks In…

Last evening, we had the opportunity to take another walk on the beach as a family.  We strolled north for a while and then stopped and set up house.  The kids jumped right in and had a blast playing with each other and throwing sand “snowballs”.  Finally, when they were exhausted, they sat at the edge of the water, half submerged, just chatting.  Their silliness and laughter was infectious and we eavesdropped for quite a while, taking it all in. Ryan and I enjoyed watching them interact with each other and their environment. We… Read More