Madeira Hotels – Reid’s Palace Madeira

Surrounded by lush tropical gardens and breathtaking views, Reid’s Palace sits high up on the craggy cliffs overlooking the ocean and scenic views of Funchal, located a quick 10 minute taxi ride away. Approaching the entrance is like visiting a friend who lives in a lovely villa on the ocean.

This is your first view as you walk in to the beautiful lobby.

You hate the thought of even stopping to check in, because all you want to do is walk straight through the reception area and out onto that balcony or plant yourself in one of these cozy, comfortable couches with a view! But the warm friendly staff are so welcoming, you resist that temptation and try to focus on all the information they are sharing with you to make your stay with them special.

Next, you are taken to your room. Along the way, you are strolling through richly decorated halls and windows that have breathtaking views of the blue waters below. Around every turn you see gorgeous plants and floral arrangements. The hanging photos make you feel like you are in a home, not a world famous hotel.

I had the urge to stop at this spot, pull out my book, and read for a while. So many cozy intimate spaces.

At this point, you are really excited to see your room. It did not disappoint. It was welcoming, warm, comfortable, and roomy.

And no, they did not bribe me to say such lovely things about this resort with delicious welcoming treats. Or did they?

At this point, I felt like I had been patient enough. We said good-bye to the wonderful staff member who had escorted us to our room, made a little tea, and took our tasty treats outside to the balcony, where we were finally able to just sit and take in the beauty surrounding us.

And here are a few of the gorgeous outdoor areas! There’s so much more to share about Reid’s Palace, but I will stop for now. Enjoy the photos! Such a lovely place.

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