Portugal Coast, Cabo da Roca, and Cascais

A few highlights we enjoyed on our way back to Lisbon from Sintra. First off, Cabo da Roca.

Cabo da Roca is the rugged, wild, windswept stretch of coastline that boasts the status of being the western most point of continental Europe. It was once thought to be the end of the world. This area has a lot of raw, untamed beauty, with craggy cliffs plunging into the ocean, rocks and wild grass swaying in the wind, and incredibly beautiful views in all directions.

This is for sure a nature lover’s paradise! There are a lot of stunning hiking trails that follow along the coast. While the main area has a lighthouse and a ton of tourists, we did not have to venture far to find a spot all to ourselves – several actually!

This was one of those moments that we were very thankful to have hired a private driver and guide. We were not on anyone else’s schedule. We were able to truly meander through the high grass on narrow lightly treaded trails and explore to our hearts’ content.

We eventually discovered a few hidden craggy areas to sit, breathe, and just absorb the breathtaking beauty around us. The quiet and the solitude was incredible.

It would be a shame to be in Lisbon and not make the time to explore the western coast line! Here are a few more photos.

After Cabo da Roca, we headed to Cascais (pronounced Cush-kies). Full transparency, here. I had never heard of Cascais before my travel colleagues on the ground recommended a visit here. What would I do without my travel partners! Thank you, Paloma and Olga for you valuable assistance and insight!

Cascais is unique in that it is a combination of a modest fishing village as well as a wealthy and affluent destination (known to have hosted royalty at one time). It is a great destination to make as your home base in lieu of Lisbon (or in addition to) because there is so much to do both near Cascais and within an easy drive or train ride away. For instance, Cabo da Roca and Sintra are within a half hour away, and Lisbon is also an easy short train ride from Cascais.

But you can also spend a lot of time just enjoying Cascais. There are so many interesting and unique boutique shops lining the quaint beautifully patterned cobblestoned streets. You can also find a great selection of restaurants and seafood. And let’s not forget about the ice cream at Santini…one of the best we had in Portugal! The beaches are fantastic for sunbathing, as well as gorgeous views during the colder seasons. Just a few more shots from our one day in Cascais – which I do wish could have been more! Enjoy.

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