Dining in Sonoma and Napa Valley, CA

We have had the opportunity to dine in many different countries this past year, and I can unashamedly say the Sonoma and Napa Valley restaurants rival some of our favorites!  We lived in Southern CA for six years but for some reason, I was never made aware of how enjoyable to dining experience was here.  Had I known, I never would have waited so long to visit.  Below are a few highlights:

Le Bouchon Bakery in Napa:  Some of the most amazing food I’ve ever tasted.  We read about this bakery and then heard some pretty wonderful things about it from a dear friend, but when we drove by, the line was out the door!  I love great food, but unfortunately, am just not patient enough to wait in such a crazy line!  So we kept on driving.

The next morning, however, we woke up extra early.  It wasn’t planned (as I love to sleep in when I have the chance), but since we were awake, we decided to get an early start.  First thing on the menu?  You guessed it…Le Bouchon!  Though there was a small line inside, we decided to go for it, as the anxious, excited patrons hadn’t yet extended past the front door.  I can’t begin to share how happy I was that we made the time.  It was unforgettable and I am hoping Ryan has many more business trips out West!

Oxbow Market is a great, casual spot to stop for breakfast or lunch.  So many great choices and a really fun atmosphere:

As I mentioned above, the restaurants in and around the Sonoma and Napa Valley are outstanding.  The quality of food, their presentation, everything about every meal we had was delicious.  I ask myself again, being the true foodie I am, “How did I not know this?”

For our 18th anniversary, we wanted to splurge a little, so we chose Michelin Star recipient La Toque, conveniently located in the hotel at which we were staying.  The ambiance, dining, and service were exceptional and it was an excellent way to end our special weekend getaway.

Flying back home from CA, we were reminded of the not-so-warm weather awaiting us:

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