Pompeii Photoblog

Pompeii is a popular day trip from Rome, though we prefer to visit Pompeii as we leave Rome and wind our way to the Amalfi Coast.  It’s a perfect stopover spot between the Eternal City and the Amalfi Coast and/or Capri and takes about two hours to visit.

According to History.com, Pompeii was a flourishing resort town five miles south of Vesuvius, where the wealthy would escape the bustling city life and enjoy soaking in the sun.  Elegant villas dotted the paved streets of Pompeii and even today, you can envision what the city may have looked like many years ago.  Imagine the vibrancy!  Also found were peasant homes, shops, items of daily living, and so much more.

So colorful and detailed!

Every room was unique.

Sadly, Pompeii was destroyed in August, 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted.  The whole city was smothered by Volcanic ash, burying every building and about 2000 people who had not escaped with the others.  It was literally erased off the surface of the earth until 1748, when explorers searching for ancient artifacts discovered the city.  Amazingly, due to the preservative qualities of the covering ash, much of the city, including the skeletons of those who had not escaped this catastrophe, was left intact.

Today Pompeii, in my opinion, provides one of the most significant glimpses into what Roman life must have been like many centuries ago.  It is a fascinating destination and even if you’re not excited by the thought of history and ancient civilizations, it’s hard  not to be impressed by this magnificent archeological treasure.  Below are a few more shots from our time in Pompeii.


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