Our Help with the Storage Room

Lorna, Marty, and Steve own a storage room.  In it, there are many things that they use for helping others.  In fact, the only reason they have this storage room is because they need it to keep the supplies they give to people.  Without this space, it would be very hard for them to do a lot of the work they do.

Steve undertakes different tasks than Lorna and Marty, so his section of the storage room is used for something different.  His job is teaching people how to share the gospel and converting people to Christianity.  He helps to send Bibles to places that don’t have access to any.  There is a man he gives them to every so often who drives for hours one way just to fill up  his tiny car with as many Bibles as possible.  One time, he drove all that way and Steve only had a few boxes left.  Yet it was worth it to the driver because he recognized the importance of being able to read the Bible.  Besides the many, many Bibles Steve keeps there temporarily, he also stores a variety of gospel teaching and learning books, as well as study Bibles.  He gives these to people who want to learn more about the Bible and to people who are, in turn, trying to spread the gospel.  So, to sum it up, Steve’s use of the storage room is for books that get sent out to people who need to hear and learn about the gospel.

Lorna and Marty use this spot primarily for holding toys, crafts, beads, and other things needed to help the people they work with.  People send them whatever they can and then it gets put in this storage room.  The things that are sent there then get sorted out, packaged into different containers, and gifted to all kinds of people.  Primarily things are sent to the educare centers, while other things to Julius and Irene.

One day, my family and I went to this storage space to help sort things out.  While the men moved chairs and tables, the girls sorted through beads and jewelry.  We moved things around, sorted things out, and helped package other things.

While we were there, we were able to see how things ran and why this space was  so important.  This space was used to hold things that were shipped from the US until they were ready to be used.  Without this storage room, there would be no place to hold the things sent in, and therefore nothing would be sent to the people who need it most.

storage room 1

storage room 2

storage room 3

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