Day 275: Playing with Elephants – Patara

I never knew how much I would love elephants until Ryan and I went on safari in East Africa about two years ago.  It was there that I discovered how special they were.  They are powerful yet gentle, large, loving, and protective.  Just watch them when they think their babies are being threatened and you’ll see what I mean! Babies:  We met two newborns, just a few months old.  The male was quite aggressive while the female was docile and sweet.  It was amazing to see the difference in their personalities at… Read More

Bangkok Mikayla

Bangkok (the meaning of Bangkok is “Village of the Wild Plum”) is the center of nearly everything: of power, education, commerce, communication, and fun.  It is said, both metaphorically and literally, that all roads (in Thailand) lead to Bangkok. Originally, Ayutthaya was the Thai capital.  After 400 years of ruling there, it was destroyed in 1767.  Next, the capital was moved to Thonburi, but in 1782, King Rama I decided to move it to Bangkok, which was, at that time, only a small trading port.  He felt that this area had the… Read More

Day 261: Noah and Ruth Plus 42

Ryan, the kids, and I had the incredible opportunity to meet a very special man, Noah, and his wife Ruth while visiting Myanmar/Burma.  Noah and Ruth have three children of their own.  They live in a very modest, one level home just 15 minutes from the border of Thailand, in Myanmar/Burma.  We were able to walk across the border between Thailand and Burma, where we met Noah, hopped into an open air taxi, and headed to his home. So…what is special about this couple?  At the moment, they actually have 42 children living with… Read More