Day 290: House of Blessing and House of Love

The House of Love is a home for women and children who have been affected by HIV/AIDS. This includes women who have been sold into prostitution, AIDS orphans, and children taken out of their homes because of abuse. Many of the residents at House of Love do not have Thai citizenship, which also means they have few rights in Thailand.

House of Love began 16 years ago as a refuge to approximately one hundred displaced women and children, most of whom have been affected by HIV/AIDS, and many of whom had been trafficked to brothels.

While most of the children have been affected by AIDS, many also deal with emotional scars from events surrounding their life at home or on the streets.  It’s not just physical and medical needs that this ministry serves.  The House Of Love staff also works to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of each child. The House of Love is a home, and, more importantly, it is a family.

The House of Blessing is a daycare located in Chiang Mai. The House of Blessing provides care and education to over sixty Hill Tribe children who are too young to attend public school. This allows their parents to find “day jobs” so their children don’t need to sell trinkets and flowers in the night markets.

While in Thailand, we had a chance to visit friends of our dear friends in the Chicago area.  The wife introduced us to House of Blessing and the House of Love.  We were given the opportunity to spend a little time with the children at the House of Blessing. What a wonderful experience.  They welcomed us warmly and even sang for us.  Below are a few photos from our day:

RTW Thailand House of Love 2 wm RTW Thailand House of Love 4 wm

To learn more about this organization and explore ways you can partner with them, feel free to visit:  Hope for the Hill Tribes.

A special thanks to Bruce and Lori for connecting us to this ministry and taking the time to introduce us to the children, and a special thank you to Paul, who reached out through Cyber Space to connect our family to Bruce and Lori!

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