Day 241: Experiencing the Fish Spa!

We got to experience our first Fish Spa in Chiang Mai, Thailand yesterday.  We stumbled upon it while exploring the Sunday Night Walking Market, where they close off the streets to traffic, and vendors and customers alike cram in together, searching for the perfect bargains.

*Warning, the Sunday Walking Market is busy!  It’s almost comical to see elderly local women actually being quite aggressive, pushing aside anyone in their way, even our tall teenage son, who towers over them.  But to be fair, we find that to be the case anywhere and in this specific scenario, the busyness may have been a result of the once yearly Flower Festival in Chiang Mai, so maybe it’s not always like this?

Just loved this shot of the baby on his mother’s back!

Anyway, back to the Fish Spa.  Honestly, this experience was awesome! I’ve wanted to do it ever since I first saw it in Mexico 8 months ago, but we were not about to spend $30 per person to try.  With a family of six, that adds up quickly.

Well, we found one here as we were leaving the Sunday Walking Market, and it cost the equivalent of $10 USD for all six of us. Danny was a bit nervous, but finally did it.  His feet kept going in then out. Kathryn just loved it and didn’t want it to end. Mikayla and Ryan were both a bit more tenuous, but finally made the plunge.  It was fun to hear their reactions as the fish started nibbling on their toes.  Ryan especially was hysterical, as his feet are highly ticklish. (Note below, he had just pulled his feet out, not being able to handle the tickling.)

The Fish Spa

The Fish Spa

And dad and mom? We both LOVED it. I guess it’s because older feet have much more dead, dry skin for the fish to enjoy.  I know, just lovely, right?  Yes, maybe it sounds gross, but my feet came out feeling softer than after any pedicure I’ve ever had. I would love to do it again. Would you try it?

Fish all over our feet


2 Comments on “Day 241: Experiencing the Fish Spa!

  1. Oh how I love this adventure!!! Thank you thank you for the vivid details and pictures. You are blessing us with the experience of a lifetime through you! Always have you all so close in my thoughts and prayers!

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    • So glad you’re keeping up with us, Nancy. We all miss you so much and wish you could join us. Too many times we wonder about how you guys are doing. It’s so nice to hear from you! Love to all from us! XOXO

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