Overall On New Zealand

New Zealand is a wonderful, simply beautiful place to be.  It offers scenic drives, easy-difficult hikes, gorgeous mountains, hot and cold weather, lush hills, colorful flowers everywhere, cute, small towns, excellent fish’n chips, great Indian/Thai food, and more!  There are sooo many things to do and see that it is practically impossible to see all of it in one trip…even if it is three weeks!


During our time in New Zealand, we lived in a campervan.  We were able to see many things and we visited both islands.  There was a lot of driving but it was worth it because even during our drives there was beauty surrounding us, there at every turn along the way.  It is a gorgeous place to go to and you can get both summer and winter depending on where you are.

Though we did several great things, there were some that I preferred.  Here are some of my highlights.  We went to Hobbiton and there, we were able to see all of the Hobbit homes used in the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit movies.  Our tour finished with a cold drink at the Green Dragon Inn.  We went to a Geothermal Wonderland Park which was really cool.  There, there was bubbling mud and multi-colored, steaming liquid pools.  We were able to see mountains and lots of waterfalls.  We went to Milford Sound where we took a boat out to see waterfalls, mountains, and seals.  We went on an hour-long hike to a nearly-deserted beach.  And we met some local people which was very nice.

There were times where it was very difficult in New Zealand (with a campervan and such) but overall, our time there was very enjoyable.  I love New Zealand for its beauty, especially the mountains, waterfalls, and colorful lavender plants everywhere; it is a perfect place for photographers.  New Zealand is a place I would definitely re-visit.

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