New Zealand Through Danny’s Eyes

Hot water beach

On the second day of our journey in NZ we went to…Hot Water Beach!!!  As we walked to the beach from our camper van, we saw a very big black eel in a lake about 30 meters from the beach!  None of us got pictures I think because we hurried to the beach.

Enjoying our homemade Jacuzzi

Enjoying our homemade Jacuzzi

When we got there, there were jacuzzis already dug up for us! The water under the sand was warm and hot.  The first jacuzzi we got in was a little too cold so me moved on to a new one.  This one was just right for everybody except for me.  It was far to hot for me and I got burned a few times.  As we left hot water beach, we saw another small black eel.  It was really cool.  We got in our camper van, and drove somewhere that we could sleep.  We then took nice warm showers and went to bed.


On the third day in NZ  we went to thew Hobbiton movie set!!!  We took a shuttle over to the set and had a tour throughout the set.  We went to each hobbit hole and the last one was of course Bilbos hole with a very very very green door.

Danny at the Hobbit Home

Danny at the Hobbit Home

I think my mom took about 300 hundred pictures or something which is crazy to me!  After seeing the set, we went to Green Dragon which was used in The Lord of the Rings movie.  I got a ginger beer that was fizzy and very tasty.  Then we ended the amazing day and slept.

Danny enjoying a Ginger Beer, non-alcoholic of course!

Danny enjoying a Ginger Beer, non-alcoholic of course!

The Campervan!
The camper we lived in was about 21 feet long!  I definitely was not used to having a 4 foot wide bathroom.  When you get in a camper van and drive,  you see lots of pretty things in NZ.
Danny journaling in the Campervan

Danny journaling in the Campervan

Usually driving would be at least 2-3 hours every day.  And at the most, 10 hours!  Are average day of driving was about 5 hours a day.  The camper van was OK but it was very hard to live in for 18 days!

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