Recently (July 25), my family, a couple from the church we’re going to (Mr. and Mrs. D), and I went to Akumal!  Akumal is known for it’s snorkeling and turtles.  A fairly quiet and relaxing place, filled with lots of amazing sea life, it is a perfect place to spend the day!

We all woke up around 7:30 and were picked up by a cab at 8:00.  In about 30 minutes, we arrived at our destination!  After getting set up, Mr. and Mrs. D joined us.  Snorkeling gear in place, we all waded into the cold ocean and began to search for interesting creatures.  The sand was so soft!

Soon, Mr. D found a turtle and called us over.  Wow!  This was the first time I’d ever gone swimming with a turtle!  I hastily turned my camera on and took several pictures.  It is rather difficult taking pictures in the Ocean because I can’t see what I’m taking a picture of, but I managed to get some good ones!

We mostly stayed in the shallow part at first.  For some reason, my new mask kept leaking and water kept getting in my nose and eyes, so I decided to take a break and go back to shore.  After eating a snack and hanging out on the beach, I went back into the shallow part and bumped around a volleyball with my siblings and mom.  Then, my dad came into the water with us and we all went snorkeling further out.  He let me use his mask and Mrs.D let me use her fins (Ryan, Katie, Danny, and I didn’t have fins).  Ryan used my dad’s fins, and Katie/Danny shared an inner tube.  Farther out, we saw a lot of cool things including coral, big rocks, interesting fish, a few turtles, and two stingrays (one big, one small)!

It was such a great experience seeing all those beautiful creatures, and I am so glad we were able to do it.  The Ocean is like a whole other world yet to be discovered!  I love exploring it (to a certain degree of course)!

Turtle 10-Akumal

Turtle 9-Akumal

Turtle 8-Akumal

Turtle 5-Akumal

Turle 7-Akumal

Turlt 6-Akumal


Coral and Reflection-Akumal

Big Stingray 2-Akumal

Big Stingray-Akumal

Rainbow Fish 2-Akumal



This post was created by Mikayla Gainor.  to see more, visit her blog praypackpursue.wordpress.com

One Comment on “Akumal

  1. Mikayla:

    You did a really good job taking those pictures. I am also glad that you all are enjoying you church family and now have a new home.

    To God Be the Glory

    Bettie McKenzie

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