Unique Mexican Fruits You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

There are many fruits which are common to tons of people, but which others have never heard of.  Three fruits I haven’t heard of until recently, are these:  Loquats, Guavas, and Cucamelons.

Loquats are native to south-central China, but grow in many places, including Mexico.  They grow in shrubs or small trees.  The trees can reach up to 20 or 30 ft. high, although they are usually much smaller (about 10 ft.).  The leaves are 3-4 inches wide and 5-12 inches long.  On the surface, they are dark green and glossy, and underneath, they are white and hairy.  The flowers are small, white, sweetly fragranced, and bloom in fall or early winter.

Loquat fruits grow in clusters of about 4-30.  They are oval, round, or pear-shaped, and 1-2 inches long.  Their color is yellow, orange, and sometimes red.  Each Loquat contains 3-5 large, brown seeds.  Their flavor is tangy yet slightly sweet.

Another fruit I hadn’t heard of until recently are guavas.  They are anywhere from 4-12 cm, though the tree can be up to 33 ft.  They are either round or oval, and yellow, green, pink, or dark red.  Inside, there are tons of edible seeds.  The outside skin may be rough. The bark of the tree is smooth, thin, and copper-colored.

Guavas taste similar to a lemon rind, but not quite as sharp, and are usually soft and sweet, as well as fragrant.  They contain a lot of dietary fiber and vitamin C.  Guavas come from the myrtle family Myrtaceae.  They are native to southern Mexico and live in humid and dry climates.  If you ever need something sweet, avoid sugars and instead go for a sweet, fresh, healthy guava!  You’ll end up liking them a lot better in the long-run 🙂 !

Last, but not least, and probably my favorite one of all three, is…the Cucamelon!  Cucamelons are super…well, cute!  They look like either the tiniest watermelons in the world, or baby cucumbers!  The Cucamelon plant grows about 4-6 inches wide, and 50 inches tall, but the fruits are about the size of a grape.  It produces fruit every year, and the vines provide a full stream of fruit through the summer.  Pests ignore its vines, but bees, butterflies, and birds are drawn to it.  It is resistant to drought and blooms between midsummer and late spring.

This plant is native to Mexico and Central America and has been popular since Aztec times.  Another name for it is melothria scabra, but its Spanish name is sandiita.  A crunchy, flavorful fruit, which tastes like a cucumber with a hint of lime, it is a perfect afternoon snack or a great addition to a salad.

Have you ever heard of these fruits?  If you have, leave a comment below.  What are some unique fruits you know about?











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