Video: Swimming with Endangered Green Sea Turtles

2014 Akumal Endangered Green Sea Turtle from Deena Gainor on Vimeo.

Our family of six is taking a year to travel around the world. Our first stop is Playa del Carmen and we are here until November, 2014. We are exploring as much of the area as we can. This weekend, we traveled to Akumal, famous for snorkeling with Endangered Green Sea Turtles. We were more than excited but didn’t know what to expect. Akumal did not disappoint. Here is video we captured of these gentle giants. We were able to enjoy them for hours!

Visit Akumal for more information about our time here.

4 Comments on “Video: Swimming with Endangered Green Sea Turtles

  1. I am simply in awe. The turtles. The beauty. Your pictures. Your adventures. Your story telling. Your faith and faithfulness. Thank you for the blessing of this journey. Holding you in love and prayer. Nancy.

    • Nancy, I spent a lot of time thinking of you this weekend. I would have loved sharing this experience with you. If you come visit, we’ll take you to meet the Turtles!! Love you and miss you. ~Deena

      • You make it ever so tempting to figure out how!! Love you guys!

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