Day 306: Cape Town Area Highlights

In the midst of working alongside Lorna and Marty (When People Make a Difference), we were also able to spend our free time exploring the beauty of Cape Town, the beaches, and a few gorgeous wineries.  Here are a few photos from the beauty we experienced: Boulder’s Beach:  This area is gorgeous, with green/blue waters and tall mountainous backdrops.  Boulder’s Beach inherited its name because of the enormous granite boulders you’ll find on the sheltered beach areas.  It is also one of only two areas off the coast of Cape Town where you can stop… Read More

Day 300: South African Penguins

South Africa is stunningly beautiful for many different reasons.  We were very excited about finally visiting the destination we have sold to our clients for the past few years.  For some reason, though, the thought of seeing penguins in the wild really excited me and I could hardly wait to visit both Betty’s Bay and Boulders Beach, two of the only places that penguins breed. Here are a few shots from our time with them.  Make sure to visit our “Quick Tips” below. Quick Tips: 1.  Boulders Beach, located just 45 minutes… Read More