Welcome.  I’m Deena, the author of Six Hearts One Journey.  I am wife to Ryan and mother to four rapidly growing children, Mikayla, Ryan, Kathryn, & Danny.  I’m also a closet Introvert, 75% Tomboy, and a Chess Geek.  I love to read, write, learn, and explore.  Some of my favorite things in the world are Travel, Food, Photography, and Apologetics.

But…this Blog will hopefully never be “All about me!”  In fact, the most unique thing about me is that I am loved…truly, deeply, genuinely loved by an Almighty King who calls me His child, despite all of my many weaknesses and sin.  Nothing compares to this kind of love.

We, as a family, have made the decision to embark on a journey together around the world.  There are many reasons we chose to do this and we will be sharing much more in the months to come.  Please feel free to join our adventure!  We’d love to have you.


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